TGD Problem-Solving Workshops

APRIL 13-14, 2019


Come join Sean O’Shea, founder and training program director of The Good Dog Training & Rehabilitation, and Ashley Smentek, founder and training director of Gold Hill Canine for a very special two-day, intense, life changing experience!

Our mission is to share the philosophy, mindset, techniques and experiences we’ve gathered on our journey towards the successful trainers and business owners we’ve become, with a healthy dose of lessons learned along the way.

We’re going to dig into the concepts we share frequently and explore in depth a lot of the lessons contained in Sean’s highly acclaimed book, Love Them by Leading Them.

By making the conscious decision to concentrate on the people during this event, we’re able to delve into topics and mindset in a way that is generally not possible during a hands on environment.

Quite simply, we’ll have the time to take ideas farther, push you harder and celebrate breakthroughs together.


Meet the Trainers

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rethink your relationship with your dog.