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TGD concepts: Two-Day Workshop

A deeper look at behavior causes and solutions, for dogs and humans.

Workshops. Very valuable sources of learning, seeing dogs and the interactions with them.  In fact, TGD Workshops has done several of them, and they were fantastic!

But what if we wanted to go deeper? What if we wanted to follow questions to a farther point than can be found in those style workshops? What if we wanted to dig into the biggest part of the equation: You.

We were recently challenged with the opportunity to bring something new and exciting to the industry, and we ran with it.

So here it is, a two-day, discussion-based seminar, designed to explore many of the concepts that can only be briefly touched upon when there are so many dogs to work during a conventional workshop.

This is an opportunity to venture far down paths of learning, to open up in a safe, fun environment and to push yourself. To find out not only what makes dogs behave the way they do, but how YOU have a direct influence on that. To unlock you, and help you connect with what we know you can be. 

This will be a highly interactive event, designed to open your mind to training concepts, as well as empower you to be your best self. If you follow the two of us in our businesses and personal life, you’re aware that we are known for a straight forward message and deliver it in an open, yet compassionate manner.

We truly believe that this is an event unlike any others, and we’re excited to meet you.

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