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2 day concepts WORKSHOP

APRIL 13-14, 2019 - MArcum Mtn Dog School

Prescott Valley, Arizona

Limited to 30 available spots. An intimate setting, designed to encourage discussion and understanding of the key concepts, designed to teach you how to ask for the best behavior from your dog, while understanding more about the owner/dog relationship.

Lunch will be provided each day.


1 hour personal consult

friday april 12th, 2019 - marcum mtn dog school

prescott valley, arizona

Perfect for dog owners and/or trainers that want an opportunity for one on one time with Sean and Ashley, dedicated strictly to your needs. It’s your time to ask questions related to your personal development, business development or specific journey with your dog. These are highly interactive, in depth sessions, designed to maximize your time with two experienced trainers, who not only run successful companies, but attribute a huge amount of their success to the ongoing personal development work they focus on daily.

Limited to 6 available spots.

Will be held the day before the main workshop.

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One Hour Consult - 7pm
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“We are excited for the opportunity to meet you and have you share in our passion for making significant positive change in the life you live with your dog.”

Sean and Ashley will be holding a limited number of workshops during the year.

Space is limited during each workshop to ensure maximum engagement from all participants.


TGd concepts


More 2019 dates & locations coming soon!

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