Meet  the  trainers


Sean O'Shea

Sean is an internationally recognized figure in the dog training world, with two highly successful training DVDs, a much-lauded new training book, and the Train The Trainers seminar series for aspiring dog trainers. Sean founded The Good Dog Los Angeles, and The Good Dog New Orleans to provide owners with seriously troubled dogs the help they needed, but were unable to find elsewhere. TGD has developed a reputation for successfully dealing with the most challenging behavior cases. Whether, serious fear issues, dog-dog aggression, human aggression, resource guarding, or severe reactivity on-leash, Sean has developed a program that not only deals with the specific issue, but also the entire state of mind of the dog. His unique approach and philosophy has changed the way many trainers and owners approach training and problem solving. 


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Ashley Smentek

A Northern California native, Ashley developed his passion for working dogs over two decades ago, while becoming a decoy for local law enforcement agencies. That led to a 20 year career as a peace officer, which included time spent in the Air Support Unit as the Chief Tactical Flight Deputy and Rescue Specialist. With the ongoing exposure to the dynamic use of K9's in not only tactical scenarios, but Search and Rescue, Ashley continued to expand his knowledge of working dogs while also attending thousands of hours of training, workshops, and conferences around the U.S. He was able to work as a decoy under internationally known trainer Bob Eden, while attending the International K9 Conference.


Ashley founded Gold Hill Canine with the simple motto; 'Better Dogs Today.'  GHK9 training programs include their EveryWherePups program, created from extensive personal experience and an in-depth approach to puppy raising, as well as a working dog training program designed to develop protection dogs for real world applications, where failure is not feasible.  After shadowing with Sean at The Good Dog Los Angeles, Ashley designed GHK9’s True Behavior Rehabilitation™ program to bring that same level of behavior problem-solving to the northern region. With the ability to train both ends of the dog spectrum, from the most severe behavior problems, to the toughest working dogs,  GHK9 has a truly unique advantage in the dog training community.  This has led to the creation of the 'EveryWhereDogs' concept.  #Everywheredogs is rapidly becoming a movement within the social media circles as a fun, outgoing philosophy that simply says, "Let's develop a training mindset that allows us to work towards the goal of taking our dogs everywhere and anywhere we choose to go."